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Mr Limpy STP Packer

Mr Limpy STP Packer

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This STP is made using a medicine spoon receptacle, latex medical grade tubing, and a classic Mr Limpy packer.

We use super soft tubing so that you can bend your STP out of the way when not in use.

This style of STP has been a community favorite and is considered the "classic" STP. It is easy to use for most guys, but keep in mind everyone bodies are different. One style that works for some may not work for others.


✱ This item can be used for:
✔ Packing
❌ Play


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Important Info

-This product contains Latex.
-STPs may have excess tubing, cut to desired length
-Pilling, Excess Material, Sticky Spots, and Mild Discoloration are all normal sideeffects of the STP conversion of these packers.


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