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Mr Flex 5n1 Packer 4.7"

Mr Flex 5n1 Packer 4.7"

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Hand Painted
Erection Rod


This packer has 5 functions

  • Penetration (sex)
  • Packing
  • Peeing
  • Pleasure during sex
  • Masturbator

For sex, just fit the vertebrae that comes with the packer, inside its internal channel. Make sure it fits until the end. It will become more rigid, imitating an erect penis, ready for sex. Preferably, use the reinforced strap, so the packer will be very close to your body, without movement.

This packer can be used inside the underwear. This is because the material is so malleable and soft that it can be easily positioned inside the underwear, imitating the flaccid penis. Always note the size of the packer to choose one that you like.

The packer is hollow inside, which will help you pee into the toilet. It is important to remember that for this function, it is necessary to train at home beforehand, preferably in the shower, until you learn to pee with him.

Tip to make it easier: release pee jets with intervals of 5 seconds between each one. Tilt your body forward. Hold the packer but be careful not to squeeze it, so as not to decrease the internal channel.

Provide Pleasure During Sex
The packer has some ripples on the surface, in the region that is in contact with the clitoris. As you move the packer, these ripples help to cause friction and stimulate the clirotis. Thus, whoever uses the packer, will also feel pleasure during sex.

For this function, put a condom on the packer to cover the hole and position the packer right on top of your clitoris. The condom will put pressure inside the packer's channel, which will also help to stimulate it. As soon as you position the packer, move up and down, masturbating. To increase pleasure and realism, use the Spray available on the website.

The Packer is made of imported high quality silicone that mimics human skin.

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