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Hello Everyone! Just a quick update about what is going on here with the shop, items, and orders! Covid-19 is still causing many different delays as various state and federal restrictions change. Many production companies and shipping companies are currently delayed or even closed. International items/orders may experience extended delays due to restrictions with customs.  All Indigo and LMS products are severely delayed. We have a shipment of inventory on the way, but it has been stuck in customs and we are awaiting its arrival.  Rhino Prosthetics are severely delayed and will take an additional 3-4 weeks to process.  Mr...

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Product Delay Updates

As the US begins to reopen, regulations are changing and this has directly affected our processing system.  TS prosthetics are now back to normal processing. Please note the information on the product page in regards to processing times for these items.  Indigo Prosthetics and Harnesses are pending. We are awaiting a shipment which was mailed out at the beginning of the month but has been stuck in customs. Similarly, this is the same for any LMS products. We have a shipment on the way but it is currently delayed in customs. International tracking is awful so we do not have...

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New Pride Products

We've added a whole bunch of trans and rainbow pride gear to our shop! All pride related gear sales are used to help get packers and binders into the hands of those who need it!   While we cant celebrate pride in the traditional ways, we CAN celebrate in our own ways and these great items can help show your PRIDE

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TS Prosthetics Update

After months of being delayed and unable to receive our TS Prosthetics due to limitations from COVID 19, we were finally able to get an order in with them again. We expect the order to arrive within 1-2 weeks and will be able to get all orders with TS prosthetics shipped out.    Thanks folx for continuing to stick with us during these rough times

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Limpy Delay

Due to COVID 19 Fleshlight Distributions has not been shipping. We are currently out of stock and awaiting our next shipment.    They are due to start shipping again in mid-late june. Orders containing these items will be on hold until they come back instock. We apologize for this delay. 

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