We are going Full Time!!!

TMRTS is run by two 20 something queers with a mission to make FTM gear available and affordable to all. Over the last couple of years we have been trying to balance our day time Jobs as managers, running an ever growing business, and being the sole caregivers for an ill family member. We are a tiny business created from our own hardwork, and our daytime jobs.  no big sponsors or funding. 

It has been difficult. There have been many obstacles. We have faced setbacks, failures, and loss. 

Now from the ashes we will rise. TMRTS is proud to announce that Anthony (owner&founder) has quit his day job and is going to be working exclusively on TMRTS full time! 

We still have alot of catching up to do from the extended absence  we were forced to take. But we are making significant progress and are continuing to get out orders every week. Our goal is to get all past orders caught up by the end of the year, starting the new year with a new process and the availability to get orders out significantly faster. 


Thank you for all of your continued support during this time.

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