We have recently partnered with both TranscendThem and Banana Prosthetics. This is allowing us to offer even MORE high quality, realistic prosthetics for your needs! We have also paired with TBrosSoapCo and will soon be offering hand made all natural bar soaps!

If you read our previous post then you know that we had temporarily closed processing while one of our primary team members recovered after receiving top surgery. He is back now and we are open again! We are spending all of this week working on catching up on as many orders as possible. 

There are still some COVID 19 delays--

We are still waiting for Indigo harnesses and stps to arrive. We have 2 shipments arriving from them that have been stuck in Customs. We are still awaiting their release. 

LMS Harneses have finally arrived! We are working on getting out these orders. 

Fleshlight Distributions has begun processing again, they are currently working on their backlog of orders, we don't have an ETA but hopefully they will get to our order soon. 

They are still experiencing delays and orders may have an additional 1-2 week wait time but products are arriving regularly

They are still experiencing extreme delays but products are arriving. Additional 2-4 week wait time. 



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