Sales, New Products, New Projects, and More Updates.

Wow this year has really been something else! To celebrate the fact that we are still here, and so are you, we will be spending the rest of the year offering sales and freebies like crazy to thank you all for your support during this difficult time. 

We will also be refining our website and adding all sorts of new products from companies all around the world. New packers, STPs, Binders & MORE! Check out our instagram to stay up to date on all our new items. 

We've also started working on a new project known as T Chronicles, a monthly news paper focused on Transgender News, Stories, & Community. We will be launching the first full issue on December 4th 2020! 

All of our specials that drop this November will be available for the rest of the year! We will be going into 2021 with a fresh new face and fresh catalog of high quality, low cost prosthetics and accessories!

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