Product Delay Updates

As the US begins to reopen, regulations are changing and this has directly affected our processing system. 

TS prosthetics are now back to normal processing. Please note the information on the product page in regards to processing times for these items. 

Indigo Prosthetics and Harnesses are pending. We are awaiting a shipment which was mailed out at the beginning of the month but has been stuck in customs.

Similarly, this is the same for any LMS products. We have a shipment on the way but it is currently delayed in customs.

International tracking is awful so we do not have an ETA, but we do know they are on their way and should be arriving soon. 


Mr Limpys are still delayed. They were expected to begin processing again in mid june but so far have not reopened. May be delayed through the end of the month. 

Rhino prosthetics are still shipping but are delayed an additional 2-3 weeks.


As these rules and regulations continue to lift, we are hoping to have processing mostly back to normal by the end of summer. We appreciate your patience and support during these tough times.  

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